30 Sep 2020

Case Study: Jitter Cafe Homepage

This project uses beautiful photography as the foundation for its colors. The webpage is simple and visually cohesive. Any coffee drinker is sure to find comfort in the warm and familiar tones.

Julian Vu

The First Impression

Upon entering the site, visitors are presented with a bold photo of the cafe and the logo. Together, they form the “Hero” section of the website. The image prepares visitors for the colors they will eventually encounter as they scroll. This is the perfect example of how a visually cohesive website takes its cues from high quality photography.

A Brief, Effective Self-Introduction

Immediately after the Hero section is a very brief, but effective introduction of the cafe. It establishes credibility, draws attention to quality, and keeps the customer’s satisfaction front and center.

Screenshot of the self-introduction and carousel

More Photography

What follows is a carousel of different artistic photographs of various beverages that the cafe serves. The colors are familiar to coffee drinkers. They’re warm. Welcoming. Enticing. They complement the color selection of the entire website.

The Coffee Selection

This particular cafe only serves a small selection of beverages, but each menu card has a beautiful photo and an enticing description. All the cards have unique characteristics, but they have a consistent style that demonstrates cohesion.

Screenshot of menu

The Baristas

At this point, visitors might wonder who is behind the artistry of the cafe and its drinks. This section is a great way to introduce team members, and put faces to the business to make it more personable—relatable. Customers are people and want to know that they interact people, not a business.

Screenshot of baristas


A short feedback form at the bottom asks for minimal personal information, and a place for the customer to immediately compose comments. It’s simple and easy, which means the customer is more likely to fill out the form.

Screenshot of feedback form

The End

At the bottom is the cafe’s business address and phone number, so locals can easily contact the business with any further questions and comments without waiting for an email. For a local business like this cafe, being easily accessible to local customers is absolutely vital. Social media links are also included for visitors and customers to engage with the brand.

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Ready to Start Your Project?

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