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Julian Vu

Software Engineer Founder of UniPlan

Software Engineer

Founder of UniPlan

Hi! Let's start a conversation. Here's a quick overview of my qualifications:


B.S. Computer Science - San José State University (2016-2019)

Coding Languages

Dart, Java, C/C++, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Flutter, Firebase, Cloud Firestore, JavaFX, MySQL

How can I help you?

I like to wear a lot of "hats". With these hats and my experience, I can help you:
Develop native, cross-platform mobile applications with Dart and Flutter
Provide aid in the design of mobile and web applications
Facilitate the hand-off process for both designers and developers
Deliver workshops and talks on personal productivity, project management, software engineering, and education
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Mobile Application
  • Organizer for university students
  • Built with Dart and Flutter
  • Employed Agile methodology
  • My personal passion project
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Clustering-based Unsupervised Learning

Web Application
  • Implemented K-means Clustering algorithm
  • PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript
  • Employed Agile methodology
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Betweenness Centrality Research

Algorithmic Research Project
  • Implemented faster algorithm for computing betweenness centrality
  • Employed Python and python-igraph library
  • Published research paper on performance and uses
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Desktop Application
  • Trello-like, task board application
  • Built with JavaFX
  • Employed Agile methodology
  • MVC design pattern


I like to wear a lot of hats. I can be a software engineer, leader, teacher, and speaker, but my greatest passion is to enable students to succeed in their endeavors. That's why I founded UniPlan—an organization dedicated to creating helpful, informative tools and content for students.

While I do head both the content strategy and the app development teams of UniPlan, I'm an engineer at heart—a great deal of my attention and effort is focused towards developing the UniPlan mobile application.